Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

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Book Chapters

Petrovic, A., Van Ham, M., Janssen, H.J., Manley, D., & Tammaru, T. (2018). Multiscale and multidimensional segregation of non-Western migrants in seven European capitals. In G. Tintori, A. Alessandrini, & F. Natale (Eds.), Diversity, residential segregation, concentration of migrants: a comparison across EU cities: Findings from the Data Challenge on Integration of Migrants in Cities (D4I) (pp. 18-19). Luxembourg: Publications Office of the European Union. [Link]

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Technical Reports

Melo, P.C., Gaspar, J., Janssen, H.J., van Ham, M., Andersson, E., Malmberg, B. (2019) D5.3 Location and context – analysis of spatial inequalities at different geographical scales. H2020 project RELOCAL – Resituating the Local in Cohesion and Territorial Development. [Link]

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Hoeben, E.M. & Janssen, H.J. (2013): Systematic Social Observation in The Hague 2011/2012. NSCR. [Link]

Doctoral Dissertation

Janssen, H.J. (2015). Parenting, criminogenic settings and delinquency. Doctoral dissertation, Utrecht University. [Link]

Other publications

Janssen, H.J., Kleinhans, R., Van Ham, M., Melo, P., Andersson, B., Malmberg, B. (2019) Multi-scale spatial inequality and consequences for individual socioeconomic outcomes. Policy Brief 3 RELOCAL Project. November 2019. [Link]

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Janssen, H.J., & Eichelsheim, V. I. (2014). Hangjongeren: een kwestie van opvoeden? Nemo Kennislink. [Link]